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Festival IŠ ARTI launches ideas contest



Contemporary Music Festival IŠ ARTI launches ideas contest for new pieces of symphony orchestra and chamber ensemble. The aim of the contest is to expand the repertoire of symphony and chamber ensembles, to promote the evolution of professional music in different styles and ways. The best ideas will be selected within the competition, the works, created by the composers, will be performed during the International Contemporary Music Festival IŠ ARTI, on November 15-22, 2019 at Kaunas State Philharmonic (Lithuania).

The authors of the selected compositions will be awarded the following prizes:
SymphoChance - 2000 Eur (for a symphony piece);
ChamberChance – 1000 Eur (for a chamber piece).


More information could be found at

IŠ ARTI inf. 

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