Lithuanian Composers' Union

The Composers’ House accommodates an archive of music by Lithuanian composers, offers a wide selection of printed Lithuanian sheet music and renders consulting and other services.

The two-storey Scandinavian-style building of the Composers’ House in the Žvėrynas residential district in Vilnius, which opened doors in 1966, is considered a masterpiece of modernist architecture. The administration of the Lithuanian Composers’ Union and the Lithuanian Music Information Centre occupies its ground floor. Upstairs, a hall and a lounge with a fireplace are used for rehearsals, concerts, conferences and parties. The building’s unique interior, officially registered as an object of Lithuania’s cultural heritage, frequently attracts photography sessions, film makers, installation artists and other creative initiatives.  

Part of the premises may be rented out to businesses and private individuals who look for home-like and exclusively-designed chamber spaces in one of the city’s most prestigious quarters.

The Composers’ House accommodates an archive of music by Lithuanian composers, including handwritten and printed sheet music, recordings etc. The archive also includes a collection of monographies, compilations of articles and other books published by the Lithuanian Composers’ Union. Please follow the link to see the list of books currently for sale at the Composers’ House.

The Lithuanian Music Information Centre (LMIC) offers consulting services on a wide variety of issues related to the music written by Lithuanian composers. Anyone interested may be granted access to the archive, library or any printed or recorded item. In certain instances, documents may be borrowed for scientific and other purposes. Any piece of sheet music may by photocopied, for a fee. Please find out more about LMIC services.

The Lithuanian Composers’ Union owns a complex of two-storey terraced houses with a parking lot in the resort of Druskininkai. Located in proximity to the popular Eglė Sanatorium, it offers calm of the small town just 130 kilometres south-west of Vilnius.

Dubbed our little houses by many members of the Lithuanian Composers’ Union, they have been enjoyed by Lithuanian composers, musicologists and their kin who come here to rest and create.

In 2011, an annual international residence programme, DAR, which stands for the Druskininkai Artists’ Residence, was launched here. Every summer groups of artists from all around the world take part in creative workshops that include writing and performing music and arranging installations.

The complex is open to anyone looking for inexpensive lodging in Druskininkai.