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To celebrate the centenary of the movement that gave rise to the international musical avant-garde, the Research Centre of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, together with the ISCM Lithuanian and Austrian sections, is organizing a symposium and a series of concerts on 6 and 7 October 2023, with a special focus on the impulses of the musical (trans)avant-garde and the movements of young composers, also the debuts of composers representing different generations in ISCM festivals.

The symposium program includes lectures by Georgina Born (University College London), Monika Voithofer (University of Vienna), invited presentations by musicologists from Poland, Serbia, Georgia, Lithuania, premieres of young composers in the concert programs of the ensembles Twenty Fingers Duo (Lithuania) and the duo ovocutters (Austria), Agustín Castilla-Ávila’s exhibition Still Life with Silence, discussion on the global context of (trans)avant-garde movements in music, and the presentation of the collective monograph Sonic Utopias (2023).

In 1923, the first festival of the International Society for Contemporary Music was held in Salzburg – the event became a model for the presentation of new music. The International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) was the first international organization to consistently promote new music and to bring together networks of composers, performers, and music critics in this genre. Founded on the initiative of Austrian composers, the ISCM has become an influential platform for the presentation and dissemination of the work of young composers and has contributed to the careers of generations of creative young people. 


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