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Vox Juventutis 2024 Competition Now Open for Young Composers



The Lithuanian Composers’ Union and the Jauna Muzika Choir of Vilnius Municipality have launched the eighteenth edition of the annual Vox Juventutis Competition of choral music for undergraduate and postgraduate students of music, and higher secondary pupils.

The cash prizes are:

  • 600 euros for the first prize,
  • 400 euros for the second prize, 
  • 200 euros for the third prize.

In addition to this, two special awards are to be presented by the Jauna Muzika Choir and the audience.

Key requirements for the first stage of the competition:
1)    Proper consideration of the capability of human voices and a choir.
2)    Communication between the piece and performers and the audience.
3)    Proper and comprehensive notation.
4)    Compliance with the theme of the current competition.

A five-member professional jury will be responsible for the evaluation of the submitted music, its judgments being final and undisputed.

This year’s theme is Less is more: from unison to four parts

Eligible pieces should be written for a mixed choir a cappella. They may include an accompaniment to be played on the single-manual Johannus Opus 1 electronic organ. The maximum of four choral voices are allowed, their accepted formation being: SA unison, TB unison, SATB unison, various combinations of 2-3-4 parts settings (SA, TB, SAA, TTB, ATB, SAT, SSAA, TTBB etc.) and traditional SATB 4-part setting with temporary divisi (if needed).

Even a professional composer might find writing a worthy piece for such a limited number of choral voices challenging. To assist the participants, Professor Vaclovas Augustinas has compiled a list of music recommended for analysis.

Other terms and conditions:

  • Percussion instruments (drum, tambourine, castanets, triangle, bells etc.) are acceptable if played solely by the choir members.
  • The duration of pieces must not exceed five minutes.
  • Only texts in Lithuanian, English and Latin are accepted.
  • Performances may call for an unconventional formation of the choir within the church.
  • Original compositional idea is the top priority, yet participants are expected to keep the individual choral parts and the overall musical facture simple enough, with an average amateur choir as the eventual performer in mind. 
  • By submitting the applications, the participants assume a responsibility of nondisclosure of their identities throughout the competition, the sole exception being the organisers, i. e. the staff of the Lithuanian Composers’ Union, and Professor Vaclovas Augustinas.
  • The organisers assume a responsibility to grant the anonymity of the participants until the final results of the competition are made public.

All candidates must express their willingness to take part by sending an e-mail to, the deadline being 18 February 2024.

Between February 18 and March 17, all candidates are welcome to contact Professor Vaclovas Augustinas for a consultation by phone +370 687 16572 or e-mail

The candidate must present the final version of the music, as a PDF, and its demo recording, as an MP3, via e-mail: The PDF score must be anonymous. The deadline is 17 March 2024, 23:59.

All the composers of the music selected for the closing performance are strongly encouraged to take part in each and every choral rehearsal prior to the concert. The rehearsal schedule is to be made public at a later date. The final show, audio-recorded and culminating in the award ceremony, is scheduled for 27 April 2024 at the St Catherine Church in Vilnius.

The competition is hosted by the Jauna Muzika Choir of Vilnius Municipality and the Lithuanian Composers’ Union in partnership with the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. The event is sponsored by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Municipality of Vilnius.

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